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As one of the taper lock pulley manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of mechanical products, We offer taper lock pulley and many other products. Please get in touch with us for details.

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If you need customized products, or the products you need are not found on our website, or need a product catalog, don’t worry; more of our products are still being uploaded. You can email us directly, and we will reply to you within 24 hours!


customized product

1. Customer Inquiry & Project Launch

You can contact us and arrange a meeting to discuss your needs. Once a rough outline of your project has been determined, we will develop the first possible approach to your product.

2. Design concept

During the design phase, our designers discuss the various options and determine whether your product can be realized based on adapted standard solutions or requires a completely new design.

3. Calculate the quotation

We calculate the cost of your special gearbox solution and provide you with an initial concrete quotation.

4. Details and further development

If our quotation is attractive to you and you place an order with us, our designers will start the detailed technical development of your product.

5. Manufacture and processing of individual components

Thanks to our wide selection of machinery, we can combine all manufacturing processes’ steps under one roof. As a result, we achieve a high level of efficiency in manufacturing your products and maintain a consistently high level of product quality.

6. Packaging and Shipping

In the final step, your dedicated gearbox is packaged for shipment and delivered to you.

Custom Process

Applications of Taper Lock Pulleys :

  • Taper lock pulleys are used in a variety of industrial applications, including machine tools, textile machines, and conveyor belts.
  • Taper lock pulleys are used to transmit power from a motor to a load.
  • Taper lock pulleys can be used in both single and multiple pulley systems.
  • Taper lock pulleys are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different applications.

XinLan – The Best Taper Lock Pulley Supplier

XinLan offers a wide range of v belt pulleys, timing pulleys, and taper lock pulleys for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. As a leading taper lock pulley supplier, we provide the highest quality pulleys that are designed to withstand the most demanding environments.

Our taper lock pulleys are made from the highest quality materials and are precision-crafted to ensure accurate fit and precise operation. We offer a variety of pulley sizes and styles to meet your specific needs.

The standard size range includes SPA Pulley, SPB Pulley, and SPC Pulley and are equivalent to  HZPT Pulley in Quality. You can buy standard Taper lock Pulleys or send us the design and drawing for Custom Variable

Material available for Taperlock Pulleys.

  • Cast Iron Taper Bush in Locking Pulley
  • Steel Taper lock Bush Pulley.
  • Stainless Steel Taper Pulley
  • Aluminum

If you need a taper lock pulley, contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Pulley Production Process

A V-pulley manufacturing process includes the following steps:
Forming a pulley: integrally forming a cylindrical pulley blank;
machining V-belt grooves: cutting the external surface of the pulley blank to form a plurality of V-belt grooves matching a V belt;
Fine machining: cutting the external surface of the pulley blank and the side surfaces of the belt grooves, and cutting off a machining allowance;
Shot blasting: Place the pulley in a shot blasting machine to form a rough shot blasting layer on the side surfaces of the V-belt grooves. The pulley manufactured through the above process has a high friction coefficient of the side surfaces of the belt grooves and therefore has the advantage of preventing slippage and having high transmission efficiency.